IYM Prep Scholar IYM provides a broad range of services designed to introduce students and their families to the opportunities that exist at private preparatory schools. IYM engages with parents and students throughout the entire admissions process from application to admission and beyond. The following are some of the ways in which IYM serves its members.

  • IYM provides individual counseling and information sessions to advise students and their families about the
    benefits of a prep school education.
  • IYM assist parents and students with identifying schools based on academic, athletic and extracurricular interest, school location, etc.
  • IYM assists families with applying to schools (via SAO Common Application)
  • IYM acts as an intermediary between the schools admissions office and the family regarding qualifying the student for admission, testing, etc.
  • IYM assists families with applying for financial aid, i.e., preparing the Parent’s Financial Statement (PFS), as well as other scholarship opportunities.
  • IYM works with students via tutors to improve their test scores on SSAT’s and secure waivers for SSAT testing.
  • IYM will help prepare your son or daughter for school interviews, including interview prep, etc.
  • Based on need, IYM can provide transportation for students and families to schools for open houses, tours and interviews, etc.
  • IYM, through its Student-Athlete Placement Program, also helps place qualified student -athletes in Prep Schools. The services we provide are the same provided for non student-athletes. One of the ways we assist student/athletes is with our Annual Boys and Girls Basketball Showcase which provides an opportunity for accepted students to showcase their skills before prep school coaches and representatives.

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