Applying to prep schools can be a life changing experience and, at the same time, it can be confusing and challenging. IYM is here to help you through this process!

A typical application consists of a student statement, a student questionnaire, a parent questionnaire, an interview, a standardized test, teacher recommendations, and two-years of school transcripts, a family information sheet and often a portfolio of extracurricular activities. In addition to looking for strong academic candidates, schools are looking for students who will be active and engaged members of their community.

While many schools have their own applications, most schools now accept a common application from either SSAT or Gateway to Prep Schools. These common applications allow a family to complete one application form and submit it to multiple schools. Common application

School Visits and Interviews

It is also important to visit the schools so that you can talk to teachers and faculty, observe in session classes, talk to students about student life, academics, sports, on campus and off campus events, etc. Admissions also requires applying students and their parents or guardians, to be interviewed. The interview is a great time for the family to find out information about the school, its philosophy toward educations, its admissions requirements, extracurricular activities offered, and where graduated students have attended college, etc.

Information Sessions

IYM holds a number of Information Sessions during the year designed to provide basic information to students and families about prep school admissions and the application process. Our presenters are typically prep school admissions representatives who discuss the general nature of boarding schools, as well specific information about their schools, such as admissions requirements, financial aid, etc.


IYM Prep Scholars Program

IYM understands the challenges students face during the transition from public school to independent school and supports them and their families every step of the way. An IYM counselor will meet with a student and family to discuss whether boarding school is the right choice. The counselor will also help families with determining which schools to apply based on a number of criteria, as well as assist with the application and financial aid processes.

The following are some general steps in IYM prep school placement process.

Step 1: Verifying Eligibility: Timeline: Fall/Winter
Step 2: Families are notified whether their child is accepted in the IYM program: Timeline: Year round
Step 3: Parent Information Meeting. Parents of eligible children attend a mandatory meeting to learn more about IYM programs, required testing, and the selection process: Timeline: Fall/Winter
Step 4: Attend Info Sessions for parents and students. At these sessions parents and student will have an opportunity to fill out an application and testing consent form: Timeline-Spring/Summer
Step 5: Schedule School Visits. Timeline: Fall/Winter/Spring
Step 6: Application Deadlines. Timeline: January/February
Step 7: Individual Test Session and Interview Timeline: Fall/Winter/Spring
Step 8: Notification of school admission and financial aid. Timetable: March