Dear Parents and Students:

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of Inspiring Young Minds (IYM).

Required at Application Filing:

1- Recent Report Card
2- Final June Report Card
3- Test Scores: SSAT, PSAT and SAT
Remember to print as clearly as possible.
Report cards and standardized test scores are used in our evaluation of your child eligibility for prep school placement. Your application will not be considered for membership unless all requirements (reports cards, transcripts, test scores) are completed and submitted.

Admissions to IYM Prep School Student program is accepted on a rolling basis.
Student Athletes applying for the IYM Basketball Fall Showcase (held on Sunday September 29, 2019), the deadline to submit the application is September 7, 2019.
NEW – Athletes attending the Tryout for the Showcase must select and submit Part Three before the Tryout.  Please include a photo of the student/athlete.  Photos, videos and other support information should be emailed to:

IYM makes no promise that by completing Student/Athlete application will result in your child being placed in a College Preparatory School or program for which IYM is affiliated.  After receipt of your application and all supporting documents, a counselor will contact you for the next steps.

Part One – Student Information