JUNIOR BOARDING (6th thru 9th grades)

Junior boarding schools are middle schools which typically encompass the 6th through 9th grades. Junior boarding schools can be a stepping stone for entrance to high school boarding schools. Some students, admitted to Jr. Boarding Schools, repeat their current grade. A major reason to repeat a grade is the adjustment required by a more challenging educational environment than the one at the student’s former school; another reason may be the adjustment the student has to make in living away from home. Students entering boarding schools in the 8th grade may also opt to stay at a junior boarding school that offers a 9th grade and then enter 10th grade at the high school level.

UPPER SCHOOL (9th thru 12th grade)

Traditionally upper school covers freshman through senior year or 9th through 12th grades. Many of our students enter prep school at this level have excelled as student at our participating schools. In high school, students learn what it takes to excel educationally, socially and this is where they develop a more mature outlook towards themselves, faculty, other students and the school community. Upper school Boarding Schools offer many extracurricular activities and unique programs such as: SAT Prep, English as a Second Language, Computer animation, Robotics, Art, Equestrian, Math, Radio/ TV Production, Theatre/ Musical Theatre, Foreign Language, Writing, Photography/ Film, Learning Differences, Literature, Music, Sciences, etc.

POST GRAD (Extra High School Year)

A post-graduate year is a year beyond high school graduation, spent at an independent school. Students may pursue a post-graduate year because they may be interested in attending a particular college or university for which they may not be prepared by the time they graduate from their traditional high school. Other reasons are that a student may not be physically, emotionally or socially ready or mature enough to make the transition to college.