Our organization is only as strong as our dedicated volunteers. IYM began as a grass roots organization built on
the dedication of parents and volunteers who spend countless hours towards making prep school a reality for
our young people. We need volunteers to help in all facets of our organization.

  • Mentoring students participating in our six week readiness program.
  • Engaging colleagues in your workplace in providing support for organization.
  • Assisting students through the boarding school application process.
  • Assist with sports program – recruiting student athletes from various sports affiliations.
  • Providing academic assistance to students in need of additional support standardized testing.
  • School Connection – help Inspiring Young Minds bring students to your alma mater by linking us with
    admissions professionals interviewing our students and helping to organize campus visits.
  • Assist with Annual Boarding School Fair and Basketball Showcase.
  • Assist with transport of students to various schools for open houses, tours and interview, event planning,
    parent/student outreach, application assistance, liaison to school admissions and financial aid reps,
    monitoring student progress, tutoring, etc.

If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the form below.


By becoming an IYM member, you will have the chance to attend some of the best prep school in the country.
In order for us to service the needs of our students and parents, we will need for you to fill out the Parents
application form. Report cards are required at time the application is submitted, as well as a final June report
card. In addition, if you have standardized test scores, such as SSAT, PSAT, etc., please submit them as well.
The Student/Athlete form is required of any students/athletes interested in participating in our annual Boys and
Girls Basketball Showcase. Report cards and standardize testing result are also required.